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I had some bad experiences in school when we needed to di craft projects as I wasn't good at obeying the instructions precisely enough. It was really off-putting and even though I loved the idea of doing crafts I ended up putting aside my crafting urges for a while. Once I got a bit older I felt like I could go back and try crafting on my own terms without a grumpy teacher telling me off all the time! This blog is all about figuring out your own crafting style and trying different craft projects. I hope it's a source of inspiration for other people.


Learning how to express myself

Art Supplies to Bring on a Road Trip

by Ethan Ray

If you are planning on taking a road trip, you might be thinking about what types of art projects you can do while on the road. While not all forms of art are appropriate when you're in a car or stopping at a nearby park, there are many things you can do as you enjoy nature and get your creative juices flowing.

Sketching Supplies

An easy way to complete art while in the car or when stopping to enjoy the view is sketching. Bring along a good quality sketchbook and a variety of different pencils and erasers. You can also bring coloured pencils, charcoal pencils, and graphite crayons. These items are very easy to bring along and don't require a lot of traditional supplies like painting items would. Some other items that are good for sketching include razor point pens and markers.

Art Journaling Supplies

Similar to sketching is art journaling. Bring your journal and items like water-soluble marking pencils, a variety of different types of pens, markers with various points, and graphite pencils. Depending on the type of art journaling you do, you might also want pencils and erasers, stencils, a ruler, stickers, and items to create different textures.

Painting Supplies

If you want to stop by a nearby beach to get some painting done on your trip, it can be accomplished, but you will need to adjust the type of supplies you bring. For example, for watercolour and acrylic painting, you should have a bowl or container that can hold water along with several bottles of water. Bring a variety of paintbrushes, as well as cleaning brushes.

Some other supplies that are good to bring include a spray bottle, alcohol, and salt, all of which are great for different watercolouring texture. Bring smaller bottles of paint or pour some of your larger paint bottles into small storage containers to be used. Also bring a palette or just paper plates. A palette knife for mixing colours may also be needed. Instead of canvas, bring a sketchbook that can be painted on, along with a small easel that is collapsible and easy to store in your vehicle.

Try to keep all art supplies in a single bag so they are easy to grab during the trip and to store when you're finished. If you will be going on an airplane, make sure you know what liquids can and cannot be brought on the plane. You may need to purchase some items when you get to your destination.